Department of Medical Toxicology


[Scorpion] Our Medical Toxicology group operates one of the busiest inpatient toxicology services in the United States, admitting and consulting on over 1,300 patients annually. We are affiliated with the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix and form the Department of Medical Toxicology at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix (BUMCP) as well as the Section of Toxicology at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Most admissions are transferred from hospitals around the state specifically for toxicology services and expertise. Common reasons for admission include accidental ingestions of medications and household chemicals in children, intentional ingestions of a variety of substances, occupational exposures, adverse drug reactions. We also manage substance abuse and withdrawal syndromes in the hospital. More unique to our geographic location is the large number of envenomation exposures (especially rattlesnakes).

[Blacktail] At BUMCP, an extensive inventory of antidotes is maintained along with a division of laboratory services for clinical drug testing for inpatients. A clinic provides limited outpatient services and independent medical examinations by appointment. We also have a Section of Addiction Medicine that was established in 2017, to review and coordinate clinical, education, and research activities. Likewise, our Section of Precision and Genomic Medicine aims to advance the clinical use of pharmacogenetic testing and promote related research and education activities.

Services Provided

Medical Toxicology
A medical toxicologist is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patient referrals and consultations. Healthcare providers may call 602-253-3334 for transfer requests or inpatient consultations at BUMCP or PCH, or phone consultations at other facilities. For established patients, please call the Medical Toxicology page operator at 602-839-3949.

Addiction Medicine
An addiction medicine physician is available for consults at BUMCP during business hours. Patients in active withdrawal are more appropriate for a medical toxicology consultation. Healthcare providers may call 602-253-3334 to request a new inpatient consultation at BUMCP. For established patients, please call the Addiction Medicine page operator at 602-747-2953.

Precision Medicine
A pharmacogenetics consult can be requested at BUMCP by calling 602-839-3940. Potential indications may include adverse/toxic effects or lack of response with therapeutic dosing, or assistance with ordering and/or interpreting pharmacogenomic testing.

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